Sharon Lamb

Professor, Psychologist, Author, Therapist

I am available to talk at your school, agency, or organization.  I have given full-day  and half-day workshops for CEUs, e.g. at Brattleboro Retreat, The Park School in Maryland, New College in Sarasota Florida, and various conferences.  I have been a key-note speaker at professional and psychological conferences, and have talked to smaller, intimate groups of parents and clinicians about my work. I regularly present my work at academic conferences such as the American Psychological Association, the Association for Women in Psychology, the American Educational Research Association, and the Association for Moral Education

Potential Talks

Towards a New Sex Education: Sexual Ethics and Sexual Citizenship                   The Trouble with Consent:Sexual Assault on Campus
The Sexualization of Girls ( and Boys)
                     The Problem of Forgiveness in Psychotherapy                                        Attachment Evaluations in Custody and Forensic Work

Sexual Play and Games of Children – Differentiating Play from Abuse