Sharon Lamb

Professor, Psychologist, Author, Therapist


Forensic, Personality, and Trauma Evaluations

I perform evaluations  including psychological testing on the following: attachment in children, custody and parental rights, sexual abuse, sexual acting out in children, sexual harassment, PTSD, and juvenile competency.   I have served as an expert witness in trials concerning placement of children in families, attachment, termination of parental rights, sexual abuse, bullying, sexual harassment in the workplace, dating violence, and PTSD. The cost of an evaluation varies and generally takes 2 months to complete; please call for an estimate and to check on availability. 

Psychotherapy at THE CREAMERY

5138 Shelburne Rd.
(Mailing address: PO Box 846) 
Shelburne, VT 05482



Feel free to call my cell (802) 578-3437 or email me at

While confidentiality can't be guaranteed with that email, the email address will allow communication to be encrypted and I will return your email through that method. If you want me, however, to check my gmail, you may need to give me a heads up at the address.


I see therapy clients in my Shelburne, Vermont office primarily on Fridays, returning from Boston teaching on Thursday nights.   I am a licensed psychologist – doctorate in Vermont and a sometimes member of APA (American Psychological Association) and VAPS (Vermont Association for Psychoanalytic Studies). I have been practicing for over 25 years and received specialized training in: play therapy; therapy with adolescents; eating disorders; custody and adoption; early childhood; sexual abuse and victimization; family therapy; girls’ development; peer problems; and anxiety and depression. My approach varies with individual clients but is predominantly based on humanistic, existential, and psychodynamic ways of understanding human beings. I also use cognitive-behavioral approaches and ACT when appropriate and in particular with issues around anxiety.

55 minute therapy sessions: $135
Insurance – BCBS, Magellan, Medicaid, Dr. Dinosaur, and Cigna.