Sharon Lamb

Professor, Psychologist, Author, Therapist

I am available to talk at your school, agency, or organization.  I have given full-day  and half-day workshops for CEUs, e.g. at Brattleboro Retreat, The Park School in Maryland, New College in Sarasota Florida, and various conferences.  I have been a key-note speaker at professional and psychological conferences, and have talked to smaller, intimate groups of parents and clinicians about my work. I regularly present my work at academic conferences such as the American Psychological Association, the Association for Women in Psychology, the American Educational Research Association, and the Association for Moral Education.

I will be at the New School on April 14th as a keynote speaker for a conference called BEYOND CONSENT.

I will be presenting my two curricula in Barcelona at the Association for Moral Education Conference. 

Potential Talks

Towards a New Sex Education: Sexual Ethics and Sexual Citizenship                   The Trouble with Consent:Sexual Assault on Campus
The Sexualization of Girls ( and Boys)
                     The Problem of Forgiveness in Psychotherapy                                        Attachment Evaluations in Custody and Forensic Work

Sexual Play and Games of Children – Differentiating Play from Abuse