Sharon Lamb

Professor, Psychologist, Author, Therapist

                                  New Work in 2016-2017

Girls of Color: Sex, Sexuality, and Sex Education published October 2016                                 

Submitted to Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Study of 270 undergraduates on Intervening in Sketchy Sexual Situations Qualitative study on moral reasoning of  bystanders in Sketchy Sexual Situations

In Press  Chapter on Psychotherapy with Girls for APA Handbook of Women and Girls (White & Travis, Eds.)                                              

Revision of APA Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Girls and Women

Revision of the Sexual Ethics for a Caring Society Curriculum for 8-9-10 (8th-10th grades) including lessons on gender non-conformity, consent, and abortion 

Development of HABIT (Humane Acts Bystander Intervention Training) and implementation in university classrooms                                                                                                                                                                


RESEARCH TOPIC                           A FEW WORDS                   SAMPLE PUBLICATIONS        

Girls and Sexuality

I run a research group with graduate students exploring girls of color and their relationship to ideas of what's sexy and what's sexualization. If you are interested in any of the sample articles on the right, please write me for them.


Lamb, S., (2015). Revisiting choice and victimization: A commentary on Bay-Cheng's "Agency Matrix." Sex Roles.

Lamb, S. & Plocha, A. (2015).  Pride, shame, and sexiness: Girls of color discuss race, body image, and sexualization. Girlhood Studies.

Lamb, S., Farmer, K., Kosterina, E., Lambe, S., Plocha, A., & Randazzo, R. (2015). What's Sexy? What's Sexualization? Confidence, Rebellion, and Trying Too Hard. Gender & Education.

Lamb, S. (2010) Feminist ideals of healthy female adolescent sexuality: A critique. Sex Roles, 62(5/6), 294-306. 

Lamb, S., Graling, K., & Wheeler, E. (2013). “Pole-arized” Discourse: An Analysis of Responses to Miley Cyrus’ Teen Choice Awards Pole Dance. Feminism & Psychology, 23, 2, 163-183.

Sexual Ethics


The research on my sexual ethics curriculum was supported by a Spencer Foundation "New Civics" grant. I am always interested in new sites to test the curriculum and/or work with others to prevent sexual violence and provide relationship-based and ethics-based sex education

Lamb, S., & Randazzo, R. (2016.) An examination of the effectiveness of a sexual ethics curriculum. Journal of Moral Education

Lamb, S., & Randazzo, R. (2016.) From I to We: Sex education as a form of civics education. Curriculum Inquiry

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Voices of the Mind

This body of research investigates men's and adolescent boys' thoughts and feelings during sex. It aims to uncover rules and beliefs about masculinity that influence the act of sex for heterosexual and nonheterosexual men.


Lamb, S., Kosterina, E., Brodt, M., Maroney, M. & Dangler, L. (2017). Voices of the mind: Hegemonic masculinity and others in mind during young men's sexual encounters.


Childhood Sexuality

In addition to my book, Sex, Therapy, and Kids, I have been asked to write about sexual development in childhood.

Lamb, S. (2014). Childhood sexuality. In D. Tolman & L. Diamond (Eds.) Handbook of Sexuality. Washington, D.C.: APA Press.

Lamb, S. & Plocha, A. (2017). Treating sexual problems in children and adolescents. In Z. Peterson (Ed.) Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Sex Therapy.


In addition to my edited book with Jeffrie Murphy, Before Forgiving, I have written a few articles questioning the advocacy of forgiving in psychotherapy.

Lamb, S. (2006). Forgiveness therapy in gendered contexts: What happens to the truth? In Nancy N. Potter (Ed.), Trauma, truth, and reconciliation: Healing damaged relationships (pp. 229-256). Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.

Lamb, S. (2006). Forgiveness, women, and responsibility to the group, Journal of Human Rights, 5, 1-16.

Lamb, S. (2005). Forgiveness therapy: The context and conflict.  Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 25, 61- 80. 

Book Reviews

Lamb, S. (in press). An object lesson on attachment. Feminism & Psychology.

Lamb, S. (2013). LGBTQ for the PreK-12: Sexual Diversity in the classroom. Sex Roles, 68(9-10), 626-628.

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Lamb, S. (2008). Taking the stand. Review of Amanda Konradi’s Taking the Stand, in Psychology of Women Quarterly, 32(3), 337-338.